Adopting New Technologies Due to Customer’s Need

As I traveled throughout countries in Southeast Asia attending seminars, meeting with prospective clients and speaking at USSEC & WISHH seminars, I met many different kinds of people. During the discussions, I started to notice a trend. Consumer demand and buyers are making things more exciting for livestock businesses and they want to improve their products.

With improvement comes repositioning of products and also the adoption of new technologies such as extrusion. During our discussions, they recognized that adding an extrusion element to their business will help significantly because the implementation of a new product results in increased revenue. Extrusion can bring in great results to a livestock business, but it is also important to have a proper extrusion process and obtain high-quality equipment from a company like Insta-Pro International® to obtain maximum ROI.

Many companies have demonstrated their interest in adding extrusion to their business because they have determined it will bring them great success. During my travels to Bangladesh, USSEC’s Regional Manager introduced us to a leading Agro-based company in the region that produces poultry, fish and shrimp feeds.  This is a market-driving company who wants innovation.  After hearing about our extrusion technology, our communications became non-stop. They are very much interested in the Insta-Pro ExPress® process and know what they need to capture the market opportunity.

If you are looking for a business partner, Insta-Pro International® does just that. In Southeast Asia, we are equipped with tools that we provide to our customers so that they have a clear picture of what is coming to them if they decide to go through with the project. We have product brochures, customers’ testimonials regarding their experiences using Insta-Pro International® equipment and a project feasibility study that will give an estimate on how much revenue can be obtained within two or three years of your investment.

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