Don’t Be Tempted By Local Parts

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It’s often that we encounter underperforming extruders due to the replacement of factory parts with locally-made, copied parts. More times than not, the plant may be trying to cut down on maintenance costs or the factory-made, proper parts are not available at the time.

Insta-Pro Int’l extruders are known to endure decades of use tear, but any quality machine can stop working properly if it is not well taken care of. For example, during maintenance do we really need to pay attention when choosing between original parts versus locally fabricated parts?

When a part is broken down on an extruder, most people find the cheapest part they can buy in the shortest amount of time so there is as little immediate downtime as possible.

But does that solution truly fix the problem?

Before we answer that, let’s analyze the situation. The machine you bought is top of the line by standards of technology and the metallurgy that is used to stand the high temperature short time process. When a local part of lower quality is used to replace an Insta-Pro Intl part, the local part will be unable to stand the high temperature process causing the part to break down within a short amount of time.

To further prove that using Insta-Pro’s own parts are much more efficient and effective than cheaper alternatives, we tested knock-off parts from different areas of the world against our own at the Institute for Physical Research and Technology at Iowa State University.

As you can see below, these tests confirmed our claims, by showing Insta-Pro parts lasting 33% longer than American and European parts and lasting anywhere from 600-900% longer than Asian and Latin-American copied parts.

This means by going elsewhere for replacements, you can end up paying for 3 to 10 times the number of parts, not to mention the operational costs of constant breakdowns and repairs.

When you compare how many local parts you go through and the interruption time of having to change parts more frequently, and the potential loss of business, you will save significantly more money and less headaches long term if you use certified original Insta-Pro parts.

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