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Soy Processing at Avicola Sofia

The Challenge:

Avicola Sofia, a vertically integrated Bolivian agri-business, is committed to modern technology, continuous improvement, and quality control in producing and processing high quality meat and poultry products for Bolivia’s growing population.

Avicola Sofia is one of the largest players serving Bolivia’s domestic market and is certified under both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

The company experienced performance problems with a refurbished extruder, which was purchased from a different supplier.  So, Avicola management began their search for a better quality extruder.


Why Insta-Pro International® :

“Avicola Sofia has been gradually increasing production, quality and variety of products, which has led our management to invest in leading technology and made Avicola Sofia one of the most modern plants in Bolivia,” says Juan Carlos, Anglarill, Avicola’s Livestock Division General Manager.

“We received references that told us the Insta-Pro extruders were very good, very robust,” he says. That led Avicola to invest in Model 2000 Extruders which were installed in 2011 to process soybeans into meal for its livestock feed manufacturing operations.


The Results:

“The machines have met our expectations,” says Anglarill, who also praises Insta-Pro International® customer support. “We are producing meals and oils of excellent quality. With the new Insta-Pro extruders, we have eliminated the down-time we had with our old equipment, and we are very happy.

“What we like the most about the Insta-Pro machines is that they practically work alone,” he explains. “They do not require much supervision, and they will work consistently, non-stop for several days.

“They will help us as we gain ground in a traditional market with modern products.”

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