Progress Is An Investment

Since the development of civilization, people have invested in the development of science and technology. The accumulation of capital and knowledge led to agricultural and industrial revolutions. The emergence of new equipment was the response to the increased crops and new types of useful plants that needed to be processed.

Without food and feed, a breakthrough in the industry would have been impossible. On the other hand, without capital and new tools increasing the number of markets for agricultural products, it would be impossible to develop agriculture. We live in an era of multi-markets and a huge demand for food and feed.

Insta-Pro extruders are versatile machines capable of producing a wide range of feed and food. In the beginning, you can create a small plant or workshop in an existing production and offer jobs to your community. Suppose you chose to process soybeans – an excellent source of vegetable protein and energy in the form of oil. You can add the production of corn-soybean blend – unlike conventional products, this blend does not deteriorate and retains the initial amount of nutrients. It is very much in demand in underdeveloped countries and overcoming the problem of hunger on the planet.

Maybe your region is growing, but not familiar with dry extruded wheat, oats, canola, corn, or sorghum? You can always bring this innovation. You can go further by simply adding an oil press. Your company will have a unique opportunity to produce bypass soy protein for dairy cows. High-shear dry extrusion of cereal grains and oilseeds provides many benefits. For cereal grains, dry extrusion will gelatinize starch, sterilize, and reduce toxins. For oilseeds, dry extrusion will rupture cell walls and deactivate antinutrients. All of these effects make nutrients more bioavailable when consumed.

The choice of high-quality equipment backed by 50 years of experience with Insta-Pro International is the key to successful investment, quick payback, and subsequent expansion of production. You can find success with our equipment as well.

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